The Public Purse is a force for driving real positive change in Society and the Economy. We are an action group rather than a think tank. We turn words and ideas into projects that deliver genuine benefits and make a difference.

We are enablers primarily, striving to direct Public Policy effectively.

There is a direct link between a robust economy and a more prosperous and engaged community. We identify links through mining Big Data surrounding specific issues and then build systems that enable people to collaborate and contribute to effect changes.

Collaboration between concerned groups and individuals is like water that drives a millstone. When it has a channel to focus through, it exerts immense power to turn the wheels of change.

Our targets on one level are government and local authorities – helping to maximise available finances and steer their use where possible.

At a social level we target solutions to help with many common, long-lasting problems: illiteracy, poverty, declining national mental health, disconnected societies, and loneliness.

Our Latest Projects