Be Connected – A modern solution to a bugbear in public sector procurement

Be Connected -A modern solution to a bugbear in public sector procurement

The Public Purse has recognised the main challenges that hinder cross-sector procurement and has developed our system to assist every public sector entity in complying with the government’s objectives. Be Connected has been specifically designed to encourage aggregation across all regions and Government verticals, with the aim of consolidating procurement spending.

Be Connected, a ground-breaking solution developed by The Public Purse, promotes cross-sector aggregation among public sector organisations by identifying opportunities for joint procurement, resource sharing, and other collective practices. With its intuitive interface and robust search engine that enables users to quickly locate potential aggregation opportunities based on their specific needs and criteria.

The Be Connected application provides a central repository of contract data for the majority public sector organisations, which includes details about their current contracts and upcoming procurement needs. This data is continuously maintained and updated by The Public Purse’s in-house research and development team, ensuring high data quality and transparency.


By leveraging Be Connected, your procurement team’s performance can improve significantly, leading to collective savings that benefit not only your organisation but also other organisations. Our aim is to promote a smarter mindset where every pound saved is considered a collective achievement.

Be Connected is an increasingly valuable concept for the UK public sector marketplace. As a collective, the public sector is already making savings and improving efficiency simply by gaining a better understanding of what other organisations are spending and planning to procure.

Overall, Be Connected is an indispensable tool for any public sector organisation looking to optimise its procurement strategy and maximise savings. It encourages transparency, collaboration, and an evidence-based decision making towards saving money as a collective.

The application is now live, and The Public Purse is inviting organisations of all sizes and positions to subscribe and engage in this transformation project.


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