Businesses Tackling Homelessness

Businesses Tackling Homelessness

‘Rough sleeping in Manchester has shot up by 42% in the past 12 months, this is compared to a 15% national average. Manchester has nearly twice as many rough sleepers as Birmingham and almost three times that of Liverpool – so what’s being done to tackle the problem?’ – Manchester Evening News, 2018.

The Public Purse, being Manchester based, wanted to find out what was being done to tackle the problem and to look at new ways in which the issue could be approached.

Our Project Director Andrew Smith who heads up this project has said: “Being from Manchester myself, this is a problem that feels very close to home. I have worked in and around the city centre for many years and the problem has only worsened’. ‘My first task was to find out what actions and groups were in place to help tackle the problem. To find out what was being done at a strategic level to free up/raise funds to invest in the biggest issues’….and to see if The Public Purse could assist in any way.

Andrew has recently been working on a project with The Public Purse, which helps and assists public sector organisations to squeeze every penny out of every pound they spend. Being spurred by the results found so far, our intention is to lobby for a portion of the savings made by this project, to be invested back in to projects for social good.

Our intention is to raise funds/investment to be invested directly in to projects that tackle homelessness, to raise awareness of the issue both locally and nationally, and to assist the ongoing great efforts of the Manchester Homelessness Partnership and organisations like Street Support.

We will be furthering our research throughout the year and will be looking to run targeted projects on the feedback of Manchester based homeless charities. Full updates will be provided on all developments.

We welcome people and businesses to reach out if they have a project or an idea they would like to discuss.

Andrew Smith
Project Director
T: 0161 791 1421