The Public Purse research leverages our speciality to achieve betterment of society:

  • filtering publicly available Big Data to identify core issues
  • then designing potential ways forward that are actionable

Key to this is asking the right questions to start with.

  • Homelessness – What can businesses do to help alleviate this shocking and growing issue?
  • Housing Crisis – Where do solutions lie? How can we use empty properties in a fair manner?
  • Mental Health – How can we best maximise shrinking resources while developing wider help and support?
  • Public Sector Spend – Can we ‘tighten the purse strings’ without reneging on public services?
  • Cannabis as a Cure – What more can it cure? Cancers?
  • National Curriculum – Our future generations at risk. What needs to change?
  • Nutrition and Obesity – Can we adapt Big Data and technology to better inform individuals??
  • Graduates – How to harness fresh thinking and brainpower to resolve society’s common problems?

Our Latest Projects