With increasing debate surrounding the true value of University, we wanted to run a project that acts as inspiration for students to come together and show their own value!

We will look at why people attend University in the first place, what employers look for from a graduate and what we need as a nation from our future generations.

University should be about offering equal opportunity for people to be educated and for people to study. Some people go to further their chances of an illustrious career, some go simply to learn…and others go simply because they didn’t know what else to do or it has now become ‘the norm’.

Whichever the option, within this project we want to encourage and promote students to work collaboratively with their peers, councils and local businesses to come up with ideas and solutions to some of society’s most common problems.

‘The millennials have now hit adulthood, and bring with them a maturity and sense of global responsibility to people and planet, such as rarely seen in their older peers’ –  What will our next generation bring with them..?

Partnership Opportunity

Are you a University? Would you like to get involved?
The Public Purse is looking for UK based Universities to partner with us on this project.