Nourishing our future

Nourishing our future

A project that focuses on the National Curriculum. Are we ‘educating’ our children to be happy?

Mental health problems are on the rise nationally, and obesity always seems to have been a national problem.

Can what we teach children in schools (from Nursery up to College) have a positive impact on their future mental and physical health… and also our economy?

The National Curriculum was introduced in 1988 and hasn’t had much review or change since its inception. Is teaching Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, Design & Tech and foreign languages the priority? Or would an approach of focusing on mental health first be more beneficial in our later years?

We believe that attempts to crowbar in some mental health ‘awareness’ programme isn’t enough. It is time we addressed this issue head-on and made some long-lasting change.

We will be focusing on both physical and mental health for this project and covering areas such as:

  • The link between the food we eat and our own mental health.
  • Montessori schools and other education models elsewhere in the world in comparison to our own. (In particular Scandinavia)
  • Would a more hands-on approach to growing and preparing fruit and vegetables encourage children to eat more healthily into adulthood?
  • PE v Fitness. Is Physical Education enough to foster a healthy lifestyle?
  • Are parents passing on their bad lifestyle habits? How can we combat this?

Our aim for this project is to come up with an alternative to the current National Curriculum and to come up with tested, working solutions. We want to help create a positive future, one that is filled with people who are capable of looking after their own mental and physical health. Prevention over cure.