Public Health

Fake digital Covid passport

Fake digital vaccine passports showing up on the NHS app

Anybody who is vaccinated people, or has a NHS Covid pass, is exempt from the UK’s regulations that insist on quarantine on arrival from official amber-list countries. Criminals have been fast to get on board and forgeries appear to be…

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NHS is being privatised

The NHS may be privatised by Christmas

The NHS is under real threat of terminal privatisation by Christmas, and the impact of the Health and Care Bill 2021-22 is likely to be very significant. The Bill has had its second reading and been voted through by the…

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Hemp has thousands of insutrial uses

Hemp’s role in reducing our dependence on plastic

Industrial hemp is part of the answer to the proliferation of plastic. The shame of it is that plastic is a truly useful and essential material but we have abused it unforgivably, and that behaviour shows no signs of abating…

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Photo of privatised school meal parcel

The rise of the predator class

predator prĕd′ə-tər, -tôr An organism that lives by preying on other organisms. any animal or other organism that hunts and kills other organisms (their prey), primarily for food A person or group that robs, victimizes, or exploits others for gain.…

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Cycling is so good but we need to make it safer

Pedalling a future

Walking around Amsterdam on a still and sultry late summer evening, there is no breeze but the air is fresh. No obvious traffic pollution assails our nostrils. We are struck by how it’s cyclists that generate air currents as they…

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