CSPG Be Connected Is Live and Kicking for Public Sector Procurement Officers

UK public sector procurement officers can make great savings with CSPG Be Connected

For the very first time, public sector procurement executives have unparalleled visibility of contract renewals across the breadth of the UK. This is crucial data for good procurement and cost savings.

They can now benchmark their spend against corresponding outlay in the other organisations in the same region, vertical of government or across the entire UK public sector.

The biggest benefit is that they now have the ability to get in direct contact with other owners of contracts due for renewal around the same time. They can assess supplier performance and join with others to collaborate on procurement before approaching government frameworks.

That puts the power of volume buying into their hands to push down prices and secure better deals, better service, and more value for their budgets.

Cross Sector Procurement Gateway (CSPG) is the first project of The Public Purse to go live. It is the result of over 4 years of development and careful data gathering. The system inside the portal is called Be Connected because it connects procurement people across all sectors and organisations.

Maximise the benefits of using frameworks

Frameworks are a proven approach of going to tender with approved suppliers within recommended guidelines. Optimising spend through them means budgets go further.

Now public finances can be put to work even harder through the power of collaboration and bulk buying for even the smallest local authority, blue lights organisation, education or any public service.

Distance is no object in many cases, and a public service organisation in Cornwall can link up with one in the Highlands to drive down prices and extract maximum value from framework engagement.

Typically, procurement users seek out others with similar spend levels for a category, which often means organisations of a similar size. These details are very easy to pinpoint in Be Connected.

All the information you need to find procurement partnerships

To find a successful collaboration opportunity, the procurement officer needs to know:

– Who else has this kind of contract expiring at around the same time?

– What equipment or service do they use?

– Which organisations have roughly the same spend?

– Which of them is close to my location?

– Whom can I contact to discuss their contract?

– How do they feel about existing suppliers?

CSPG Be Connected reveals the answers to all those questions. It’s the only resource that collates hard to find contract renewals information in one place and highlights who else across the UK could partner in a procurement or renewal before approaching any framework.

Clean and accurate data is essential for efficient collaboration

Our staff constantly revise and refresh contract renewal and spend data. They acquire contract information from every organisation and the list of procurement categories grows with every passing month.

We also offer a research service for users who may want data for a category that is not in the system yet. Our researchers are well experienced in identifying, sourcing and acquiring public sector procurement data.

Take it for a test drive to prove its worth for yourself

To launch CSPG Be Connected, we are giving away 100 free trials to qualified public sector procurement officers. That gives you unfettered access to the system for your chosen category for a full 90 days.

We only ask for your feedback after the first month as our “fee”.

You have nothing to lose by getting hold of one of these free licences and quite a lot to gain. In fact, you can start to harvest the benefits today. Just send an email to our Business Director Vimal Bhikha: vimal@thepublicpurse.org.uk