Join the NHS volunteer force today

Volunteer today - help the NHS fight the coronavirus pandemic

You can join the NHS volunteering effort at this link:

Everybody over 18 who is healthy and fit and is not experiencing any symptoms of illness is welcome to join. Tasks will be carried out at safe distancing.

What NHS Volunteer Responders may be asked to do:

People with medical conditions, pregnant women, and those over 70 can help by manning phone line assistance as a Check-in and chat volunteer. You can provide occasional or regular phone support to those who are self-isolation and may be at risk of loneliness.

Patient transport drivers will be given guidelines about the role. First they must pass a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check. Then they will drive discharged patients home and help them to settle in.

Transport volunteers may be asked to help pharmacies deliver meds and also help with transporting supplies, medication and equipment to NHS locations.

Community responders will help people self-isolating by picking up things like meds or shopping and delivering them to people’s homes.