IT Managers, BeConnected boosts your capability too!

IT managers need BeConnected to make their lives far easier

BeConnected is a marvellous tool for public sector procurement managers who want to save costs and stretch their budget. But did you know how it is also invaluable for non-procurement managers?

In this series of short articles we will explore how managers of disciplines such as IT, facilities, fleet and others can really benefit from the treasure trove of information inside BeConnected. Information that you simply cannot find in any other single source.

Take the example of an IT manager

ICT consumes infrastructure and services, just to simplify things. Of course it also consumes human resources and simple consumables too amongst others, but let’s focus on the Big Two expenditure headings for now.

A manager needs to keep abreast of technology and not just by reading technical magazines and blogs. Real life examples are critical to answer questions like:

  • What technologies are popular in the XYZ space now?
  • Who are the recommended suppliers and who has tried them?
  • How much are other organisations spending on these?
  • Who plans to migrate to a technology or, more importantly, who is migrating off it, and why?
  • How can I help my procurement manager and give a steer in the right direction?

What 3 things BeConnected give you to answer these questions?

BeConnected provides much more than three benefits but let’s look at the main headings for now:

Resource #1 –Product & Service usage across the breadth of the UK public sector

BeConnected maintains a database of all live procurement contracts for over 1,300 public sector organisations. That’s across all the verticals of government such as central government, local authorities, health, education and so on. You can choose a wide view or drill down by vertical and by region too to see what your neighbours are doing.

If you wanted to see what the nationwide picture for Mobile is, for example, you can see what brands and suppliers have been procured by any or all organisations. See how much they are spending so you can benchmark your budget expectations.

Resource #2 – Supplier information and feedback

It’s critical to avoid the worst suppliers. You want a smooth and reliable delivery and professional, prompt support. Nobody goes in blind but you can’t believe everything you read in the media or online.

Nothing beats asking those who have gone before.

BeConnected shows you who the major suppliers are and the level of penetration they have successfully achieved into the public sector. It also highlights smaller suppliers, often local, who may offer better deals or specialist knowledge and support.

Resource #3 – Know whom to ask and build your own network of contacts

The best way to elicit a true evaluation of a brand, a service or a supplier is to speak directly with those who are currently using it. The problem often is the difficulty in finding out who those individuals are.

BeConnected gives you the perfect start point. It lists all the organisations, both nationwide and in your region, who use the brand or service you are interested in. Then it lets you drill down to see the name and contact details of the relevant supply contract owner.

One email or phone call later and you can be in a conversation with the right person.

Because BeConnected gives you this information for every one of the 1,300+public sector organisations in the UK public sector. It’s the basis for building up your network of contacts – a network that can have very many uses as you can imagine.

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