CSPG Be Connected – An ‘Open Data’ Research Project (November 2017 – Present)

CSPG Be Connected – An ‘Open Data’ Research Project (November 2017 – Present)


CSPG Be Connected started out as just a few conversations – those conversations then grew in to hundreds of interviews, numerous face to face meetings and on the back of all of this, we designed and developed CSPG Be Connected.

CSPG Be Connected is an online system (specifically for the Public Sector) that allows you to manage your own contracts, and also gives you full visibility of every other public sector organisations contracts. Benchmark your spend against the entire public sector and identify organisations to aggregate your spend with. Really simple, time effective and easy to use.

As of November 2017, and on the back of the previous conversations – we started to trial and test the system. To have live users and to work on case studies. Our aim is to help save £100m by 2020.

To find out more about CSPG Be Connected and to gain access, click here.

Andrew Smith
Project Director
T: 0161 791 1421
E: anj@thepublicpurse.org.uk
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Team Involved
Date for Project Review : January

CSPG Be Connected – Honeycomb

We are encouraging organisations to reach out to us so that we can share with them our data and really push the research. We will produce a FREE collaboration report based on the data within our system. Just tell us your requirements, and we will get a report created.

If you are unsure about your requirements but are interested, give us a call.