CSPG Be Connected

CSPG Be Connected

CSPG Be Connected – A national Open Data Research Project.

A research project to understand how the UK Public Sector uses its own spend data to identify savings.

Using data isn’t a new idea. We are not looking to reinvent the wheel.

With the UK Public Sector predicted to spend £828billion in 2018, we believe that there is room for savings to be found… with access to the right data.

Public sector buyers use data to look for ways to save money BUT the data they have access to currently is limiting the number of opportunities to save. The national debt is spiraling and the pressure on our councils to provide better services is ever increasing.

The role of procurement and ‘buying’ in the public sector is undervalued and massively underappreciated. The Public Purse believes these roles are far too important to not have access to the right tools and resources needed to do the best possible job.

CSPG Be Connected is designed to give procurement and public sector buyers access to the most comprehensive spend data available. Data that is clean, consistent, maintained and collected by a central body. ‘Full Visibility’ now exists!

Through collecting and maintaining public sector spend data ourselves, we have created the most robust price comparison and benchmarking tool available for public sector buyers. We have also created a tool that can identify and bring about cross-sector collaborations – currently an untapped resource for savings in the UK public sector.

Our project is led and guided by our ‘beta group’. A team of experts and innovation leaders, currently working in the public sector, responsible for buying. The CSPG Be Connected project is ‘for the public sector, by the public sector’ meaning that the solutions we are creating are bespoke and tailored for procurement professionals and for individuals responsible for buying within their organisations.

If you would like access to our data or would like to be part of our ‘beta group’, please get in touch.

Our next steps

We started to collect data with the aim of creating ‘full visibility’ of spend. We profile EVERY organisation for their contract data across a number of categories. This ensures that the data is ALWAYS present, consistent, clean and easy to use.

To build an online, centralised place for this data to be stored, accessed, and searched.

To conduct further research with people who need access to this data to understand what extra tools and functionalities were needed to gain as much advantage as possible out of the existing data we had collected. We spoke with 100’s of people. Including but not limited to Heads and Directors of Procurement, Category Managers, Data Analysts, CIO’s, Heads of ICT

To implement suggestions, ideas and feedback in to our centralised database. CSPG Be Connected was then born. Not only is the data searchable and easy to gain advantage from, we have also implemented additional tools and functionalities to add value to the portal. A contract management tool, a full profiled document library that is populated with ICT strategies and procurement documents and a framework tool that will show you EVERY available framework to ensure you maximise every opportunity to save both time and money. New ideas and development are being work on constantly.

To conduct tests on the system and make it ready for a beta launch.

Beta Group. We now have a team that is leading innovation within public sector procurement and buying. We have representation from the entire UK Public Sector. The only team of public sector workers coming together from all verticals and regions to discuss collaboration and to help shape the future landscape of public sector procurement.

The beta group is open to individuals and organisations who want to get involved in the biggest project of its kind.
To be part of the beta group and to get access to our data, join now.
Never before has ‘full visibility’ been achieved!

Data Camp – one final review of existing data and a time to work on data projects before going ‘live’