Video of a head teacher in China helping his students exercise using dance in the playground

Young Minds – positive action for better nurturing

This proposal focuses on using technology to develop the right kind of mindset in our children. Specifically, how it can help form habits that last a lifetime and inform day-to-day decisions. A country’s children are its most precious cargo. The…

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Citizens intelligence portal will cover many topics

Intelligence Portal for citizens – a proposal

Disseminating information to the public This short paper proposes a type of “citizens’ information portal” to disseminate knowledge and provide an authoritative source or knowledge base on a range of lifestyle matters. The benefits of a focussed information source Curating…

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Freshers face stress and mental health challenges

Stress From Day 1: The Diary of a Fresher

It’s time! With bags packed, dogs tearily left, and mums tearily leaving, university can begin. The start of this time is marked by a special week loved by many – Freshers’ week. Controversial and fun, Freshers’ week is a time…

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Young people adapt to apps like ducks to water

Apps in Education

More and more people are using their phones to learn. Whether in their spare time or as a learning tool to supplement whatever they’re doing, it’s clear that the app store is a new and exciting resource for education. But…

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Suppliers are key to good public sector procurement

Be Connected Data Analysis – What about Suppliers?

A great public sector procurement deal has several successful components. All should be present to qualify it as a “good deal”. Here are 4 that spring to mind: Lower cost, ideally through collaborative procurement for greater buying power Demonstrable savings…

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