Citizens intelligence portal will cover many topics

Intelligence Portal for citizens – a proposal

Disseminating information to the public This short paper proposes a type of “citizens’ information portal” to disseminate knowledge and provide an authoritative source or knowledge base on a range of lifestyle matters. The benefits of a focussed information source Curating…

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IT strategy cloud services diagram

How to draft the best IT strategy in the public sector

Tactics win battles – strategies win the war. Countries that copied China’s strategy to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus achieved the best outcomes for controlling the disease. Alexander the Great excelled at military strategy and many commanders successfully copied his methods,…

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IT managers need BeConnected to make their lives far easier

IT Managers, BeConnected boosts your capability too!

BeConnected is a marvellous tool for public sector procurement managers who want to save costs and stretch their budget. But did you know how it is also invaluable for non-procurement managers? In this series of short articles we will explore…

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Suppliers are key to good public sector procurement

Be Connected Data Analysis – What about Suppliers?

A great public sector procurement deal has several successful components. All should be present to qualify it as a “good deal”. Here are 4 that spring to mind: Lower cost, ideally through collaborative procurement for greater buying power Demonstrable savings…

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Fake news is undermining the mainstream media

The Ethics of the Press: Should We Trust Our Media?

The Ethics of the Press: Should We Trust Our Media? ‘Fake News’ may be the most infamous term of the decade. It creates universal distrust, dubious ethical consequences, and regression of the world’s intellectual views The UK Government went so…

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