Be Connected Data Analysis – Mobile for UK public sector procurement

Mobile is a spend category common to all public sector organisations

This dive into Be Connected’s public sector procurement data analysis capability looks at Mobile in the Greater London area. We chose that location because it is the single largest UK region and is broadly representative of the UK as a whole.

Projected spend on contract renewals Jan-Jun 2020

This gives us an idea of the projected level of demand for Mobile from contracts that expire during this period. It amounts to about £16.5m across 143 contracts.

Be Connected analyses both fixed term and rolling contracts.

Underlying statistics

Be Connected holds contract information relevant to the category a contract belongs in. For example, for Mobile, it holds the number of connections.

Many breakdowns are displayed in both tabular and graphic format for instant reference.

For fixed term contracts, for example:

Granular data tells you all you want to know

Be Connected datasets primarily consist of supplier contracts issued by over 1,300 public sector organisations. The data is accurate and kept fresh through constant updates.

Highlights of the contract details held in the database include:

      • Category
      • Supplier
      • Spend
      • Start date and Expiry date
      • Fixed term or rolling contract
      • Contract owner contact details

The renewal date is a key feature. It indicates the timing of opportunities for aggregating procurement to benefit from lower costs and better service through the power of bulk buying.

Collaborative procurement and benchmarking spend

Savvy procurement officers will seek procurement partners before approaching a framework such as NS2. They can also benchmark spend against every other organization in the UK if they wish. That is a very valuable head start in maximising budget.


Mobile for UK public sector procurement in summary

The challenge is to ensure the best service for staff – both voice and data. 5G will bring much faster and “fatter” connections but will likely cost significantly more in its early years.

5G also brings a unique opportunity for proactive collaborative procurement. Knowing where to look for potential joint partners is half the battle to cutting those costs. That’s where Be Connected scores highly for progressive and innovative procurement officers.


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