There will be 3 billion social media users by 2021

Social Media – Land of the Anxious

Whether from the news, the internet, or a worried parent, claims that social media have negative effects on the mental health of children and adults are unavoidable. As of 2021 there will be 3 billion social media users worldwide [1]…

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A Mediterrenean Diet helps fight against dementia

Defend Against Dementia – The Mediterranean Diet

Which do you fear the most – death, cancer or dementia? Almost 10 years ago, the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK asked 2,000 people that question. Dementia came top of the list for 31% Cancer was 2nd in 27% Death was…

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Silence and solitude - quiet moments are vital for physical and mental wellbeing

Seeking Quiet: The Proven Benefits of Silence

Have you ever been stressed by a screaming baby on an airplane? Or just by the hustle and bustle all around? The you will appreciate how a spell of silence can truly be golden. Noise is very bad for us…

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Impulse buys are all around us especially online

Impulse buying – why we do it and how it’s triggered

There is sound psychology behind the well known sales maxim, “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” Focus on the effects and benefits rather than on the item or service being sold. Our imaginations grab hold of the potential gratification and…

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Living off-grid UK

Living Off The Grid – Can it be done in the UK?

The grid refers to the mains electricity network. The core concept of Living Off The Grid means disconnecting from most or all of our everyday creature comforts and returning to a much simpler way of life. No TV, radio or…

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Discover why cheese is so addictive

Is cheese a drug? Would you abuse a Stilton?

You don’t have to be pregnant to harbour cravings for types of food. Some people can’t open a packet of Hob Nobs and just nobble one or two – they don’t stop until the packet is empty. For some it’s…

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Volunteer today - help the NHS fight the coronavirus pandemic

Join the NHS volunteer force today

You can join the NHS volunteering effort at this link: Everybody over 18 who is healthy and fit and is not experiencing any symptoms of illness is welcome to join. Tasks will be carried out at safe distancing. What…

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How to protect against ransomware

Ransomware could threaten your job tomorrow

Ransomware. The very word reminds you of old-fashioned kidnapping without the murder threat. It’s far more likely that you or your employer will be a victim in the next 12 months than being hit by lightning or suffering some other…

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