Impulse buys are all around us especially online

Impulse buying – why we do it and how it’s triggered

There is sound psychology behind the well known sales maxim, “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” Focus on the effects and benefits rather than on the item or service being sold. Our imaginations grab hold of the potential gratification and…

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Young people adapt to apps like ducks to water

Apps in Education

More and more people are using their phones to learn. Whether in their spare time or as a learning tool to supplement whatever they’re doing, it’s clear that the app store is a new and exciting resource for education. But…

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People are glued to their smartphones even sitting on the toilet

Smartphone Addiction – Even While Sitting On The Toilet!

Picture This #1: Sitting on the toilet, eyes glued tightly to the smartphone screen.* Picture This #2: Hordes of a zombies hungering for entertainment blindly wobble through the streets, eyes locked onto their devices, bumping into others and falling into…

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How to protect against ransomware

Ransomware could threaten your job tomorrow

Ransomware. The very word reminds you of old-fashioned kidnapping without the murder threat. It’s far more likely that you or your employer will be a victim in the next 12 months than being hit by lightning or suffering some other…

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Suppliers are key to good public sector procurement

Be Connected Data Analysis – What about Suppliers?

A great public sector procurement deal has several successful components. All should be present to qualify it as a “good deal”. Here are 4 that spring to mind: Lower cost, ideally through collaborative procurement for greater buying power Demonstrable savings…

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5G masts need to be far closer to us

Is 5G really a health hazard?

Is 5G really a health hazard? Video clips appeared about 10 years ago during the 3G mobile communications era that appeared to show that mobile phones placed in a circle around a few grains of maize generated enough heat and…

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