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Music is a powerful mental stimulant that helps dementia sufferers

Music and Memory: The Key to Unlocking Dementia?

Music is a very powerful stimulant. The first notes of a song can take us back instantly to another time and place. All the emotions of that occasion come flooding back. And it’s simple to reproduce music anytime, anywhere. It’s…

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A Mediterrenean Diet helps fight against dementia

Defend Against Dementia – The Mediterranean Diet

Which do you fear the most – death, cancer or dementia? Almost 10 years ago, the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK asked 2,000 people that question. Dementia came top of the list for 31% Cancer was 2nd in 27% Death was…

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Volunteer today - help the NHS fight the coronavirus pandemic

Join the NHS volunteer force today

You can join the NHS volunteering effort at this link: Everybody over 18 who is healthy and fit and is not experiencing any symptoms of illness is welcome to join. Tasks will be carried out at safe distancing. What…

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